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Sequoia Soaps Birch Bark Coffee Indigenous Dreams Camp Candle Indigenous Artist


Sequoia Soap – Story Teller

Scent Family: Citrus/Spice

Description: A soothing tea blend of orange slices and spices simmering together.

Camp Candle 8oz, 40 hour burn time – Cedar Berry

Its beginning to smell a lot like Christmas…

I think the winter season holds a lot of amazing scents that can transport you directly to your favourite memories of the holiday season. For me, one of those scents is the crisp scent of cedar boughs and mulled cranberry. It is an iconic winter scent that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home during the colder months.

Scent Profile: Woodsy, Fruity, Citrusy

Birch Bark Coffee – Indigenous Arabica Espresso

The original inhabitants of Canada – First Nations, Métis, and Inuit. They are the holders of language, knowledge, traditions, and beliefs. They have a special relationship to their traditional lands and understanding of the importance of a sustainable management of natural resources.

Indigenous DreamsIndigenous Dreams Mini smudge bundle; Included; white sage wand – grown and harvested on the first nations reservation. Palo santo “holy wood” – ethically harvested in Peru. This tree can only be harvested 5-10 years after the tree has died and fallen. The resin produced is believed to be the blood of christ. Medicine in a jar – a small jar filled with our most traditional medicines (Sage, Sweetgrass, Cedar). A good keepsake bottle to keep good medicine on your being. Also could be emptied to use medicine in your smudge.

Oscardo – Indigenous Artist Mug

Choose from 25 different designs all from 11 different Indigenous Artists. Mugs are either 10 or 16 oz (indicted on each design’s individual product page). Royalties are paid to each artist respectively when products featuring their designs are sold. 1 Mug per box.

Additional information

Weight 1.79 kg
Dimensions 25 × 31 × 11 cm

Bear, Breath of Life, Celebration of Creation, Celebration of Life, Crane, Dancing Women, Eagle, Eagles Gift, Flowers and Birds, Friends, Gifts from Creator, Hope, Hummingbird, Hummingbird (pink), Killer Whale, Medicine Turtle, Moose, Mother Earth, Not Forgotten, Peace, Love and Happiness, Remember, Seven Grandfather Teachings, Silver Threads, Skull, Strong Earth Woman, Tree of Life, Wolf


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