Our Mission

Here at Simply Indigenous our job is to promote and support Indigenous owned businesses, artists, and entrepreneurs all across Turtle Island.

How it started: 

“During the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic I was doing what many others were guilty of… online shopping. I had always loved subscription boxes, there was something so exciting about not knowing what products I was going to get. While online shopping I noticed that I never saw a subscription box that included Indigenous products, and that’s how it started. If there were Indigenous retailers out there promoting other Indigenous peoples products, I didn’t know and knew that there was a need for it. I came up with the name Simply Indigenous because by “simply” purchasing one box you are supporting MULTIPLE indigenous peoples. After I came up with the name, I hit the ground running and by June 2021 I had come out with my first monthly box. Through trial and error, I noticed that some people would prefer to pick their own products out. That’s where the “Create your own Box” idea came up. Now anyone at anytime can order whatever products they want and support Indigenous people. We hope to only continue to grow to be able to support and promote more and more talented Indigenous peoples across turtle island.”                   

    – Hawklene Lawton

Hawklene Lawton: Owner and Founder